Sermons from March 2014

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Blindness and Transformation


Transformation is disruptive, and sometimes ugly. However, this is the part of the story where Jesus enters the scene again, and something happens when Jesus arrives on the scene. Everything that we’re about, that we proclaim in our liturgy, and that we pray for in our prayers is different because of Jesus. Jesus changes everything that we know. The excuse of limitation flies out the window.

To Be Seen


As we go about our world expecting God to show up, then what we’re doing is opening up ourselves for the encounter. We’re preparing ourselves to have this radical experience of grace- God’s love freely given to and for us and the world.

Our Calling: On the Move


. It is with Abram and Sarai that God decides to start forming a people who would be special. They would be God’s people and through them, God would bless and restore and heal the whole world. It isn’t that they were better people than the other people, but it was that God chose to work in and through the Israelite people for the sake of the world, for the sake of blessing the world.