HUMAN TRAFFICKING                     

 Information you need to know. How does it affect those we know, our community and how can we stop it?

Guest Speaker – Deborah Muhich, BSN, RN

Deborah is a Jackson native who graduated from Parkside High School. Deborah now works at Brown’s Advance Care Pharmacy and Medical Supply.  She actively contributes to non-profit groups, task force and boards, including those focusing on human trafficking, drug abuse and prevention. You will also hear from a survivor and her story is powerful. (Ages 13 and above).


SET FREE will also be providing a PresenTation for younger children (12 and Under)

The Set Free Movement seeks holistic freedom to end modern slavery and create new futures in partnership with others through community-based action. The Set Free Movement has been active in the Jackson community for over nine years working primarily in the areas of awareness and education. Based on a ten-month assessment to understand the needs of the community the group is moving into the work of prevention. Their current work is focused on Mentoring and providing housing for Jackson area youth vulnerable to exploitation.


Hosted by:

St. James Lutheran Church

4425 S. Jackson Rd, Jackson MI

Sunday, November 17, 2019 6 pM – 8 PM