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On Sunday, May 21, during our Congregational Meeting, the people of God at St. James Lutheran voted to make 9:30am our new Worship time.  We thank everyone for their prayerful discerning through this process.  Beginning on June 11, our new Worship time will take effect.  Please set this time on your calendars or in your phones.  We shall be trying to overload you with reminders over the upcoming weeks as change is often difficult to remember.

We are pleased and excited to announce that beginning June 11, 2017 worship will be held at 9:30 a.m.


Thank you for your prayers and responses.

In His service,

St. James’ Worship and Music Committee

Pastor Martha Porter-Reid                                                      Pam Thomas

pastor.stjameslutheran.jackson@gmail.com                      pamjthomas@comcast.net


Pat Reynolds                                                                           Deb Schroeder

pjreynolds40@comcast.net                                                 DbSchrd3@comcast.net


JoAnne Gaffney                                                                     Laura Trombley

jgg5179@att.net                                                                     lajetr@earthlink.net




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